Vision or Goals of this Site

I have several goals, my pastor would say this is a "vision statement", but I'll have to wait upon the Lord for that one.
Goal 1. To be available to those of you trying to break into the field of writing, specifically fiction from a Christian worldview.
Goal 2. To be supportive in any way I can in all ways. Life can be very tough and it's only going to get worse. If we hold on to one another and to Jesus He will see us through.
Goal 3. To let people know just how much Jesus loves them, personally. Obviously I can only do that to a certain degree, but it is still one of my goals. I have seen too many people who don't know they are loved.
Goal 4. Teach people. Sometimes it may sound like sermons, other times it may just be woven through a subject we're talking about, but in all cases I want you to leave here with a better understanding of God, His Word and His plan for your life.
Goal 5. To call God's people back to repentance. Some will think this a bit impudent of me, but think of all those Bible heroes; every one except Jesus had to repent, and often. My namesake did it so often he is known as "a man after God's own heart."
Goal 6. To promote unity within the Body of Christ. I'm not going to hedge on the Truth, but I'm also not going to let denominational tags and doctrines barge in here and disrupt what God is trying to do.
Goal 7. Promote prayer and the study of God's Word. These go hand in hand. Think of it in terms of communication. Prayer is you talking to God; His Word is God talking to you.

May the Lord bless the work of these feeble hands to His glory, and may He bless all who come here. - David
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